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Clint Anderson and Beverly Powell have always had a passion for helping others. While their health and fitness journey’s have been very different, their combined experiences and passion is a force to be reckoned with.

Clint was a member of the local Fire Brigade, Rescue Team and Hazmat Team for many years all while working diligently for a Paper company, supporting his beautiful family for nearly 40 years.

But, Clint’s fitness journey began in April, 2016 when he required open heart surgery to repair an Aneurysm. That event completely changed his lifestyle. He changed his diet, began working out, walking, jogging, running, and eventually completed multiple 5k races. At 58 years old, Clint had a new lease on life!

Beverly has loved health and fitness since a young age. At the age of 19, she even started modeling. But the focus on being “skinny” vs being healthy within the modeling industry was not what she’d signed up for. She went on to get an education in accounting and business, but always longed for a more fulfilling career.

Two years ago, she had a terrible accident, a log truck ran a stop sign and crashed into her causing severe injuries. It took 18 months to regain her ability to walk without assistance. The accident and recovery gave her a new perspective and she was more determined than ever to help others find health and happiness.

In 2017, they discovered Fit Body Boot Camp. They saw the Unstoppable Fitness Formula work for themselves and others. It wasn’t long before they decided to combine their passion and experience to bring the FBBC program to the Lake Charles area.

Today, after both overcoming extreme obstacles, they are the proud co-owners of South Lake Charles Fit Body Boot Camp!

“I feel very thankful to have the opportunity to do what I Love doing & that’s helping others get fit & Healthy. And I want every member & guest of South Lake Charles Fit Body Boot Camp to feel they a part of our Family here at SLC FBBC. I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to do what I Love & I love what I do.” – Clint

“Every day, my team and I dedicate ourselves to helping others reach their goals and realize their dreams of a healthier, happier life.” – Beverly


My name is Anissa Theriot,

I have been a nationally certified fitness trainer since I was 20 years old. I have over 29 years experience in this industry working with large groups and one on one personal training. I have been with Fit Body Boot Camp for a year now and it has allowed me to reconnect with old clients as well as establish wonderful relationships with new clients. Fit Body offers a group atmosphere with a one on one experience from a coach. It has been wonderful to watch this place grow and prosper. I look forward to seeing our members each and every day as they work hard to reach their goals. It is a family atmosphere and we really are a true fit family.

My name is Lexi Young,

I have been a certified fitness trainer since 2016. I have experience in this industry working with large groups and one on one personal training. I have been a part of Fit Body from the beginning. I enjoy the energy, and family atmosphere that Fit Body brings. Being able to put my passion through our members eyes allows them to become a healthier, happier version of themselves. There is nothing better than seeing a smile on our members faces everyday when they walk through the door. Our goal is to be their home away from home.


Have you ever spent hours on the treadmill and wondered, “Isn’t there a better way to lose weight?” Now there is! At Fit Body Boot Camp, our fitness bootcamp workout delivers the best weight loss results in only 30 minutes per day.


Welcome to our South Lake Charles Fit Body Boot Camp! You’re about to start an amazing journey towards the best shape of your life! With one FREE week in our fitness boot camp in Lake Charles, you’ll be off and running towards a healthy figure and a more energetic lifestyle.

Our Afterburn workouts redefine efficiency with 30-minute workouts that bring superior progress. You’ll get the most amazing workout, and it won’t even take an hour of your day! With a blend of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Active Rest Training, we rev up your metabolism and put your body in the right condition for fat loss. You’ll stay in this state for up to 32 hours, building lean muscle and losing excess fat the entire time!

We bring you these transformative workouts with flexible scheduling and unmatched convenience. Plus, the metabolic boost puts a surge into your energy levels and gives you added strength to get through the day.

Experience the full power of these workouts and take advantage of your FREE week!


With expert guidance at every turn, we make it easy for you to accomplish great things. Our workouts are run by a team of certified personal trainers who make it their mission to get you where you want to be.

Their superior coaching starts during the workouts but continues long after. They help you master perfect technique and gain confidence in every routine. They also make a point to meet with every new member face-to-face and discuss the overall plan for your specific training. In this meeting they’ll help you choose the right set of targets for yourself that are ambitious and attainable at the same time. We want to bring the absolute best out of you!

To help make this happen, we also provide professional nutritional instruction. We point you towards a meal plan that’s perfect for your goals.

You’ll get to share this incredible training program with an amazing community of people from Lake Charles, Sulphur, Moss Bluff, Iowa and Hackberry. Our crew provides each other with an additional support structure and keeps every workout exciting. Plus, sharing time with our trainers means sharing the total price and paying way less per person!

Snag your FREE week of fitness boot camp workouts in Lake Charles and get started today!


Fit Body Boot Camp is not like your typical gym or fitness center. Here’s what you will — and won’t — see on your first visit to your local fitness boot camp:

All fitness levels welcome

Friendly, certified coaches

Nutrition made simple

Positive community

No heavy equipment

No counting calories

No boring treadmills

No figuring it out alone